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From design, to implementation, our team works with you to create the beautiful, functional, and water efficient landscape of your dreams.

Professional Landscape, Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Transform your outdoor space with our expert landscape design, installation, and maintenance services. Contact us today!

Beautiful Water-Efficient Xeriscapes Designed, Installed, and Maintained.
rock formation on wide field grass under cloudy blue sky during daytime
rock formation on wide field grass under cloudy blue sky during daytime

Our team specializes in creating, installing, and maintaining the water-efficient xeriscape of your dreams. With a vast knowledge of native, drought-tolerant trees, shrubs, and perennials that thrive in our arid climate.

brown wooden horse figurine on brown wooden table
brown wooden horse figurine on brown wooden table
Custom Hardscaping Design and Installation

Our contractor has over 20 years experience installing paver and flagstone patios and paths, paver and boulder retaining walls, free-standing paver walls, paver benches, paver firepits, paver and flagstone planters and pillars. Let us help you create a unique outdoor living space with our custom hardscaping services tailored to you.

From installation to repair and everything in between.

We'll design your water-efficient irrigation system. Install your stop and waste valve, sprinkler valves, drip valves, and back-flow preventer.

We can audit your existing irrigation system and help you find ways to make your irrigation system more water-efficient.

If your sprinkler system is not functioning or is leaking, we can come and diagnose your sprinkler system free of charge and give you an estimate to repair or replace your sprinkler valve or entire system.

Expert Irrigation Installation
Artificial Turf Installation

We can install artificial turf that looks so real, you have to touch it to know the difference. Perfect landscape for families with pets and children. This is a landscape dream! No water, no maintenance, just a beautiful space for your family to enjoy.

Privacy Fence Installation

We pride ourselves in installing the landscape of your dreams. Before installing sod we prepare the ground to make sure your turf is water-efficient and thrives in our climate.

For the best looking and functioning landscape, it's important to make sure the sprinkler system is water-efficient and performing at peak condition. We prepare the ground by loosening existing soil, removing weeds and rocks, then laying top soil and compost before laying sod. The result is a healthy green, water-efficient lawn.

We can overlay compost on your existing lawn to help with water-efficiency.

We also specialize in overseeding with a drought-tolerant turf grass, so that you can convert your existing lawn into a drought-tolerant lawn.

Sod Installation
Expert Landscape Design Services

Our experienced team provides personalized design solutions that bring beauty, functionality, and water-efficiency to your landscape.

Vera Landscaping knows Xeriscapes! With over six years designing, installing, and maintaining xeriscapes, Vera Landscaping can personalize your space and make it the water-efficient landscape you've been dreaming of.

Innovative Landscape Solutions

We are passionate about conserving water. In fact water-efficiency is what we do best! Each landscape comes with their own unique challenges and needs. Instead of designing irrigation around the landscape, we design the landscape around irrigation, taking advantage of slopes and natural water drainage to assist in, or even completely irrigate a landscape. By strategically placing plants and trees in areas where water naturally pools, we can take advantage of nature, not only to help drought tolerant plants and trees thrive, but also to keep weeds at bay.

Landscaping for our Arid Climate

Our landscape services prioritize water-efficiency to create spaces that are not only beautiful, but climate friendly.

The very description of xeriscape is a landscape designed for an arid climate. That does not mean covering a yard with rocks, that is a zeroscape. A landscape with zero design, and zero interest. At Vera Landscaping we create breathtaking xeriscapes. A xeriscape that causes people to stop and just admire the landscape. Rarely does that happen with a traditional landscape.

We combine beautiful hardscapes such as paver or flagstone paths and patios. Then we incorporate lots of curves and shapes with steel edging, or concrete curbing. We add dimension with paver benches, planters, or retaining walls, then add texture with rock, mulch, or chat. We finish with gorgeous native, drought-tolerant plants and drip irrigation to directly water each plant. The result is a landscape that gets all the attention, without all the water or maintenance.

Complete Landscape Services

From concept, to completion, to maintenance, Vera Landscaping knows water-efficient irrigation, native, drought-tolerant plants, hardscapes, turf alternatives, and water conservation to deliver exceptional results.

Lifestyle-Enhancing Design

Our design services take into consideration your lifestyle, family, aesthetic, and preferences to create outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

Collaborative Design Services

We work collaboratively with our clients throughout each step of the landscaping process. From the design to the material selection, to the installation. We want to ensure that our clients vision is realized in the final landscape.

time lapse of water
time lapse of water

Water conservation tips.

If you have never experienced life without water, we hope that you never will. With our combined effort to conserve water, we hope that no one in Utah will. Recently we have seen the affect that a drought can have on the Great Salt Lake. With the continued growth in Utah, we are using more and more water every day. As a state we need to become more water-efficient. What can we do?

  • Do your part to irrigate efficiently. If you love grass, just having your sprinkler system checked for water-efficiency, then adjusted if needed can make a huge impact. Vera Landscaping is QWEL certified and can perform irrigation audits to check for areas that will improve water-efficiency.

  • Deep water your grass, longer, less frequent watering will help your lawn to grow deeper roots, this helps your lawn dig deeper for water, stay greener, healthier, and to tolerate the hot summer days.

  • Top dress your lawn with compost, or lay compost before installing new sod. It is very important to us at Vera Landscaping to lay compost before installing new sod, this helps the lawn to be more water-efficient and drought tolerant. Compost contains the primary nutrients — nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium — and an array of micronutrients to naturally feed a lawn. But there are many other benefits as well. Compost enriches soil by helping it retain moisture and produce bacteria and fungi that create nutrients. These microorganisms can also help convert organic matter like fallen leaves into nutrients that your lawn can use. Top dressing a lawn with compost adds organic matter to the soil, which provides for proper drainage.

  • Keep the grass areas you love and use, convert the unused grass areas to water-efficient landscapes or activity areas that will be used by the family and require little to no water.

  • Install drip irrigation, drip irrigation goes directly to each plant and is not covering an entire area. Sprinklers lose a lot of water to evaporation and wind, they also cover an area that may not need irrigation and inevitably can cause more weeds. We are experts at converting sprinkler valves to drip valves. Converting to drip will not only help to make your landscape more water-efficient, but will drastically reduce maintenance.

  • Convert your front yard to a breath taking xeriscape. If done properly xeriscapes will not contribute to global warming. To the contrary, this will help to conserve our precious water. It is important to include lots of native drought-tolerant plants, and a variety of different ground covers such as, mulch, ground cover plants, sticky mulch, and rock. Add lots of texture, dimension, and movement, that will create a breath taking space for all to admire.